TH da Freak – The Hood

TH da freak the hood lp howlin banana records 2018Thoineau Palis, or TH DA FREAK, is the man behind every element heard in the following grooves. This project is the outlet for his reverb-rigged pop tunes, proudly released by the folks at Howlin’ Banana Records in Saint-Denis, France. The Hood marks the second full-length album from Palis, who was taken under the wings of Howlin’ Banana back in the Spring of 2017. Since, the man has churned out a pair of EPs and his debut LP in just short of a years time.

Impressive, to say the least – even more so after just a couple of spins of his second album. He’s a perfect fit for the roster at Howlin’ Banana, and to say he’s in good company on that label is a gross understatement. This match was practically made in heaven – except heaven is Bordeaux, France this time around, the place Palis calls home.

There’s so much reverb dumped on everything you might think you’re starting to come down with the tinnitus. Electronic percussion keeps tracks moving with rock steady rhythms. Palis’ voice is completely fuzzed over and heavily echoed, supported by the constant flow of these twangy, melodic, and psych-flavored guitars. If you’re into this type of sound, then you will find this combination quite pleasing to the ear.

“See Ya In Da Hood” comes with some fried guitar licks, displaying this sort of circus-esque wobble that really hits the spot. The guitars are sizzling and sharp, like taking a few quick stabs in the gut. “I Don’t Understand” is a two-chord cruncher, leading toward some folksy-sounding guitar leads. “Techno Bullshit” is perpetually in motion, driven by beacon-like bass throbs and gritty percussion. “Bored” is a slow, toe-dragging affair that lacks any particular rhythm structure. It comes full circle with strung out guitars and nasty twangs, similar to that moment in the desert when you confirm that the cantina in front of you has been a mirage all along. “Moon Mate” is another one of the woozy anthems on the album, coming with a deliciously dazed guitar tone that you’re better off just listening to below. Get started by giving The Hood a proper spin here.

BUY the album from Howlin’ Banana (CD format)

TH da Freak on Bandcamp – lots of extra tunes!

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