Midnite Snaxxx – Greedy Little Thing 7″

midnite snaxxx greedy little thing 7 goodbye boozy records 2018While I slacked off for two years and stopped blogging, Gabriele over at Goodbye Boozy Records – the premier outlet for garage punk records out of Italy – continued to churn out records at an alarming clip (sometimes with 4 or 5 new records at a time). Their latest set of 7″ singles is now available for preorder, one of which is the latest from Oakland, California punks MIDNITE SNAXXX.

With their most recent release coming back in February 2017 via Pelican Pow Wow, you could say it’s about time for a new Snaxxx attack. As always with Goodbye Boozy, the two-song 7″ comes in fairly limited quantities (260 handmade pieces is the number floating around), meaning you’re going to want to grab this 7″ quickly. “Greedy Little Thing” is a scrappy, guitar-driven punk anthem, fueled by wiry soloing and blown-out hookage scattered all throughout. Front-woman Dulcinea is vocally supported by the other 3 members of the band, delivering powerful vocals in unison with the fun and frantic punk rock energy that’s gushing from these two tracks. This combination creates a figurative thud that smacks you cleanly in the chest, knocking the wind out of your lungs as you throw “Turf War” on repeat until Bandcamp tells you “the time has come to open thy heart/wallet.” Sure, kick me while I’m down, Bandcamp.

Midnite Snaxxx on Facebook

BUY the 7″ from Goodbye Boozy – send a message !

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