New Candys – Bleeding Magenta

For NEW CANDYS out of Venice, Italy, Bleeding Magenta marks their third full length album since their debut in 2012. Their latest record was first released by Fuzz Club in London in October of 2017. The band is coming to the states for a tour in late April and Little Cloud Records in Portland, Oregon is proudly releasing the US version of the LP on pretty opaque magenta vinyl.

New Candys has a plan of attack and it’s done so effortlessly you might think it’s a fluke, but that is far from the case (hear their previous two albums for proof). There’s so much finesse to their approach. They take a dark psychedelic sound that’s certainly been done before, yet they find so many ways to make it their own sweeping brand of brooding post-punk. Bleeding Magenta is chock full of examples to support that claim.

The album rattles open with a grumble; the self-titled track “Bleeding Magenta” purposely sets the tone going forward. Fernando Nuti supplies his breathy and mysterious vocals through a thick vapor. “Excess” is an early album highlight with a relentless stomp, nearly coming off as New Candys version of a surf rock song. “Sermon” is a cross between bruising post-punk and the twang of an Indian raga. The results include Nuti’s swirling sitar clouds, supported by tom-tom heavy percussion and some glowing beams of guitar scattered within. The backing vocals you hear are provided by Julia Hummer of Juleah.

“Tempera” boasts what is arguably the best guitar hook on the record – it’s slow, simmering and oozing with attitude – and they keep it on repeat for nearly three minutes. They are not ready for you to forget this one anytime soon. It spills over into a steady moving solo, driving the song right into a smooth finale. “Silver Eyes Arise” rides along with the perpetual rumble of the bass guitar, showing off another one of the album’s nastiest hooks. “Lunar Day” is an absolutely delicious and moody affair, favoring textures and a smoky atmospheric presence before anything else. Songs like these all illustrate a band at the height of their powers and they know exactly how to execute that status into their craft.

The A-side of this record spins at 33rpm, but when you flip over to the B-side you must adjust your turntable speed to 45rpm. Here you are introduced to “The Outrogeous Wedding:” a three-song suite that totals up for a gloomy 13 minutes of loosely similar psychedelic rock. The approach to the B-side is described by the band as “no limits, one long medley without overthinking” and they certainly nailed it. Now check out these highlights we handpicked for you below and snag the US preorder of the LP before it’s long gone, because it’s not going to last.

New Candys – Official Webspace

USA Customers – BUY the LP from Little Cloud Records – opaque magenta vinyl !

Euro Customers – BUY the LP from the New Candys Store

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  1. I’d be keen to write for you again! Currently writing for The Quietus and Echoes & Dust and toying with resurrecting my own site, so honing skills on this sounds rad!

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