Navy Gangs – s/t 7″ EP

navy gangs 7 ep modern sky entertainment 2016

NAVY GANGS is a four (maybe three?) piece garage band based somewhere in Brooklyn, NY. Modern Sky Entertainment dropped their debut 7″ EP late in 2016. It’s chock full of invigorating guitar licks, slathered carefully over a generally greasy complexion that will quickly burn out the motor on your turntable from repeated record flipping.

That’s no exaggeration. This thing is solid gold. If you can ever find a way past the ecstatic little number “Mondays,” you’ll discover this EP has oodles more to ogle over. You get four full tracks, totaling up for roughly 10 minutes of guitar-heavy pop with a raunchy, psyched-out twist.

This is apparent almost immediately in “Special Glands.” The track rattles wide open with a splitting guitar squeal that ends up weaving its way through the whole track. Bass and percussion supply a steady stomp underneath, while darkened vocals drone on about “blowing loads” and “staining clothes.” Magical. “Instant Play” flows off the wax a bit smoother than the others, but it’s not without its own buzzing blend of dastardly guitar deeds. EP closer “Mondays” ends up stealing the show altogether, boasting a not-soon-to-be-forgotten guitar hook that is gloriously repetitious, providing this instantly palpable “feel good” swagger. Despite the anthem being about winning and losing life’s daily battles (“that’s just how life is”), you get the feeling you’re going to be winning a bit more often while this gem is still spinning.

For a measly 8 bucks you can cherish your own copy for years to come, pressed on beautiful virgin black vinyl in a short run of just 250 pieces. Get one, invest in these guys, and why not? You’d have to imagine there’s some good intentions here after catching them play a bit of PS4.

PS – these guys have a show date in Philadelphia on 03/24/18, get the details here.


BUY the 7″ EP from Modern Sky Entertainment

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