Car Crash – Execution 7″

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Secret Mission Records in Pittsburgh and Mangrove Records in Japan have joined forces to release the first 7″ from the raging Japanese punk trio CAR CRASH.

Noisy, burnt-out guitars, broken percussion and crazed vocal shouts call the shots on this explosive little single. “Execution” is a driving and discordant punch to the gut, burdened by damaged guitar licks, unintelligible vocal babbling and that last second feeling before slamming into a brick wall charging at 100mph. Elastic bass lines and nasty guitar skuzz both fill the air with a foul smell, together pummeling you note by note as the drummer somehow remarkably keeps up with the speedy pace. “I Don’t Care” includes sloppy background vocals to assist with their deranged frontman, who is screaming and carrying on about something we probably won’t figure out no matter how hard we try. The 7″ closes with “Bright Future?,” immediately opening with a spiny guitar assault that explodes right in your face. The trio proceeds to drive you through a wall with their muscular, no-rules attack, leaving behind a slew of filthy guitar moves amongst the frenzied shouting, while ultimately wrapping up the track with a strangely dark and foreboding tone. Get on this one now – the 7″ is limited to just 200!

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Hardcore, Noise Rock
Execution 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Execution
2.) I Don’t Care
3.) Bright Future?

BUY the 7″ on Secret Mission Records

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