The Baron Four – Walking Out 7″


State Records just issued a brand new pair of monster singles – the first is from THE BARON FOUR, a garage quintet from the UK, although they claim the whole world to be their hometown.

Two blues-fueled garage nuggets are included on their smoking new single, covered with a jagged and rough-around-the-edges complexion that is totally delicious. “Walking Out” is an explosive blues stomp, ripe with scratching guitars and stressed soloing that only adds an extra kick to their swinging and invigorating formula. B-side “Can’t Find My Way” takes a step back and gives you a chance to catch your breath. It’s a gritty slow-burner that would be optimal in a smoke-filled bar, complete with dazed and strung out guitar twangs that pop and rattle with the utmost attitude. The track slowly fades out with a glowing guitar solo, shining brightly like a beacon in the night until the last possible moment. These guys are only gearing up right now, as they just dropped their debut LP at the end of 2014 after two other 7″ singles in 2013. With a single like this one now under their belt, you have to think there’s more to come. Peep a snippet of each track with the stream below – State Records in the UK has 500 copies to go around!

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Blues Rock, Psychedelic
Walking Out 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Walking Out
2.) Can’t Find My Way

BUY the 7″ from State Records – limited to 500 !
The Baron Four on Facebook

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