Dirty Limbs – Blood Operator CS

lady god the pebbles 7 self released 2015Kerchow! Records in Chino Hills, California just dropped a cassette from Fresno-based, four-piece crew DIRTY LIMBS. They’re releasing Blood Operator in just a short run of 50 tapes with a gut-busting mix of garage and psych.

Six tracks come barreling out of the gate on Blood Operator, combining for a 20-minute block of sound that fuses together punk, garage, surf and psych in the loudest way possible. Each track hits hard and heavy as if you just had a cinder block dropped on your lung, strengthened by the vocals of frontman Jonathan Hadden who sings with a brooding, deep-throated howl. His guitar playing provides a dual attack with lead guitarist Luke Giffen, together serving up a slew of melodic hooks and bright solos that pose the opposite tone to Hadden’s darker vocals. That said, although they fit together, there is a noticeable contrast in the elements that make up their sound, from the ripping solos of “Blood Operator” to the troubled screaming, vocals of “I Wouldn’t Do That.”

Tape closer “I Got You” is a snarling example of what Dirty Limbs do. Salty, surf-flavored hooks dominate from the get-go, burying you deeper into the sand with every crushing punch. Crashing percussion and razorsharp guitar squeals cut a path through the thick atmosphere, all while Hadden howls away with his deep croon that’s covered in just a slight layer of quivering reverb. The final minute of the track is rounded out with a melodic solo that’s scathing and doused in flames, wrapping up the tape in one last bout of fury that will keep you coming back for more. Start by listening below, then snag that tape from Kerchow! because they’ve only got 50!

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Psychedelic, Garage Rock, Surf Rock
Blood Operator CS: Tracklist:
1.) Think About You
2.) Blood Operator
3.) I Wouldn’t Do That
4.) Molotov Cocktail
5.) The Woods
6.) Got You

BUY the CS from Kerchow Records – limited to 100 !
Dirty Limbs on Facebook

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