No Limit – s/t 7″

magic and naked duck duck grey duck 7 six tonnes de chair records 2015

As always, Goodbye Boozy Records has been slinging out the goods. The latest cause for excitement is the debut 7″ from NO LIMIT, a duo from Geelong, Australia featuring Jake from Ausmuteants and Hierophants and Jeff from School Damage and Chugga and the Fuckheads.

This wild thing doesn’t even last 4 minutes, but the duo crams the platter full with a fury of guitar punches and crunches that pulverize you into a fine debris with each hit. They take a small piece from each of their other projects and meld it into the speedy ferocity that is this smoking-hot 7″. There’s a touch of alarming synth woven into their freakish punk pace, amongst shredded guitar bouts, pounding percussion acrobatics and weirdly chanted vocals that are all in a race to keep up with each other. The entire 7″ is the equivalent to being shot out of a cannon while careening headfirst through the air for approximately 4 minutes before a brutal crash landing. They spew out 4 or 5 of these miniature punk tantrums, assaulting your ears promptly and immediately without any sort of break anywhere in sight, just daring you to try and keep up. The sad part, like we already mentioned, is that this blast of abrasive punk slop has to end in just 3:49 minutes. Get your fill by listening below and keep your eyes peeled here, here and here if you’re looking for copies.

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Punk, Punk
No Limit 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Moving Out
2.) Radiation Poison
3.) Say That Again
4.) Zilch
5.) Expiration Date
6.) HBM Suicide

BUY the 7″ from… Goner, Florida’s Dying, Slovenly (cover color an option!)

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