Sheer Mag – Fan the Flames 7″ EP

sheer mag fan the flames 7 wilsuns recording company katorga works 2015

Philadelphia’s premier garage sensation SHEER MAG returns with their second 7″ for Wilsuns Recording Company, a split release with Katorga Works. Fan the Flames leaves us with four more tracks of their striped down, guitar-driven rock.

Guitars come with that distinctly burnt-out squeal, adding in elements of metal and hard rock as fearless front-woman Christina Halladay howls away with her squeaky tone. These guitars provide a constant roar through all 4 tracks, beginning with a dazzling variety of righteous hooks in opener “Fan the Flames.” Percussion rattles as bass lines rumble deep below, together forming a rock-steady beat. There’s a touch of soul that comes out during the chorus in this infectious introduction, proving that these new songs are meatier than songs from the first 7″. Guitars weep and cry in “Whose Side Are You On?,” coming backed by a stomping tambourine rhythm. The track is rounded out with a rusty but melodic guitar solo that sends it all home in one swift motion.

The EP’s closing statement “Button Up” comes with a light layer of rhythm guitar in the chorus that you almost can’t hear if you’re not paying attention. It’s like a thin, glimmering beam of delectable guitar light that shines right off the record itself. The track begins to fade out with some more nasty soloing in the final 30 seconds, again going to show that these songs are not as skeletal as their first single. It’s a perfect example of what this band can do even with their minimal approach. Get listening below or you will be sorry.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Pop, Garage Rock, Minimal
Fan the Flames 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Fan the Flames
2.) Travelin’ On
3.) Whose Side Are You On?
4.) Button Up

BUY the 7″ from Wilsuns Recording Company – sold out elsewhere, get on it
Sheer Mag on Bandcamp

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