Downtown Boys – Full Communism

downtown boys full communism lp don giovanni records 2015

In early May, Rhode Island’s DOWNTOWN BOYS released their first full length LP, Full Communism. Issued by Don Giovanni Records, the liberating release is a hardcore onslaught of societal criticisms. Political punk can often come across as cliche or forced but Full Communism is a timely and relatable protest piece combating the member’s perceived social injustices.

In a time full of civil unrest, Downtown Boys are not alone in their grievances against society. This eclectic collection of punks join a chorus of outcries against racial injustices plaguing the United States but they don’t stop there. The group takes on issues including homophobia, police violence, incarceration discrepancies, capitalism, fascism and other indignities that the average American misses in their steady diet of CNN. The sheer volume of issues the Providence-based band attempts to tackle in Full Communism is overwhelming, which is undoubtedly a reflection of their sentiments on the current state of the nation.

Full Communism is reminiscent of a time when punk was a burgeoning platform for free thinkers to express their frustrations with society. Downtown Boys announce their arrival to this scene with “Wave of History.” The song sets the stage for their impending protest with a steady beat and blaring saxophone that are progressively joined by the aggressive screech of lead singer Victoria Ruiz and a set of thrashing guitar strings. The use of brass does NOT make this ska music (though it is quite “skank-able”). The overall sound and attitude is more akin to political punkers X-Ray Spex.

Downtown Boys force their message to be heard by the masses not only by being loud but also by singing lyrics in English and Spanish. This is most successfully done in the brutish banger “Monstro.” Ruiz’s frustrations are voiced in a sea of swelling saxophones and symbols that explode into a head-banging, three-chord guitar progression. The chorus, “she’s brown, she’s smart,” is a profound minority feminist mantra that has the power to resonate even with those who benefit most from the pallid patriarchy.

The album concludes with a set of cover songs. The first, lesser known is “Poder Elegir” – originally recorded by the Chilean band Los Prisioneros, the song was recorded to fight the conformity under a dictatorship. Downtown Boys pick up the tempo and replace synths with sax for a successful reinterpretation. They apply the same formula to the infectious 80’s hit “Dancing In The Dark” so successfully that Mr. Springsteen himself may question who “The Boss” is. Give the album a proper listen below and pick up the full LP from Don Giovani Records.

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Hardcore
Full Communism LP: Tracklist:
1.) Wave of History
2.) Santa
3.) 100% Inheritance Tax
4.) Tall Boys
5.) Break a Few Eggs
6.) (Brown and Smart)
7.) Monstro
8.) Desde Arriba
9.) Future Police
10.) Traders
11.) Poder Elegir
12.) Dancing In The Dark

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