Lady God – The Pebbles 7″

lady god the pebbles 7 self released 2015

LADY GOD is a brand new 3-piece from Richmond, VA. Their new debut 7″ The Pebbles comes self-released, containing two cuts of their vibrant and psych-bent garage pop.

Guitars reverberate and ripple with a lysergic psych tone as if you tossed a stone into a pool of calm water – the ensuing ripples are the type of vibe A-side track “Nervous Talk” emits. Frontwoman Chrissie Griffith has bold, soaring vocals that become a focal point as she howls with confidence. The track is warmed with a bright glare of light during her “nervous tick, nervous tock” chanting as guitars twang and jangle with their distinct, alt-country tone. B-side “Roll Tennessee” cracks open with roaring guitars and rattlesnake percussion, providing clanks and jangles while moody guitars unravel like a string of sharp-edged shards. Griffith is joined by Skye Handler to mix up the vocals, who’s gritty howling is the perfect complement to the turbulent fuzz that plagues the anthem. Get an earful by listening below and be sure to grab a 7″ because they’re not going to last forever.

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Pop, Psychedelic
The Pebbles 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Nervous Talk
2.) Roll Tennessee

BUY the 7″ from the band on Bandcamp
Lady God on Facebook

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