WOD – I’m Going To Tell Everyone We Slept Together Even If We Didn’t CS

wod I'm Going To Tell Everyone We Slept Together Even If We Didn't piss fart records 2015

After bouncing around labels in what I can only assume was an inebriated blur, Melbourne’s WOD has settled with Pissfart Records and since released their full length debut, I’m Going To Tell Everyone We Slept Together Even If We Didn’t on tape.

Despite this being their first full length release, the group has already garnered a reputation of being a bunch of disinterested degenerates that can deliver a raucous live show. Appropriately, their tape has a “live” quality that boasts a good ol’ fashioned rock n’ roll vibe with an attitude. Their lyrics are blunt, humorous and often barked as if being sung without a mic. Collectively, the tape resonates as a bunch of slackers belting out an homage to early proto-punk.

The tape opens with a sludgy bass line that is quickly complimented with a warm, fuzzy guitar and the nonchalant utterance of “yeah, these are my top 5 things to do.” It’s a candid introduction to what this bunch of Melbourne degenerates do on a daily basis; surf, skate, smoke, drink and bang out tunes. “Yummy Time” is a catchy groove featuring inverted guitar and bass chords and beat that won’t quit. “What A Drag” is already considered a WOD classic and with good cause. It sounds like Jonathan Richman with a hangover complaining about the small annoyances of everyday life. The lyrics are hilariously bleak and the chorus is grudgingly anthemic.

The tape sold out in about a week but the three tunes can still be heard below.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Proto-Punk, Lo-Fi,
Live Tapes 12″: Tracklist:
1.) Top 5
2.) Not Again
3.) Bad Smell
4.) Acid Brain
5.) Yummy Time
6.) Monday Morning
7.) Push Bike
8.) Mary Jane
9.) What A Drag
10.) Doggas Convo

WOD on Facebook
Tape is sold out


2 responses to “WOD – I’m Going To Tell Everyone We Slept Together Even If We Didn’t CS

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  2. Awesome band. Love the raw, grungy sound.

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