The Gumbo Ya-Ya’s – Bad Juju EP

gumbo ya ya's bad juju ep self released 2015

Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, the GUMBO YA-YA’S just dropped a self-released EP titled Bad Juju. They will be following it up with an LP coming on Soundflat Records in Germany later this year.

The Ya-Ya’s bassist and vocalist, Heino Retief, was a member of now-defunct Cape Town band the Future Primitives (who released material on Casbah Records and Cheap Miami, amongst others). His new band just released these 6 new tracks, loaded with glinting guitars and beachy, island-ready tones. The 4-piece band contains two guitarists – Emile Van Dango and Darryn Te Roller – who weave their plucked and finger-picked hooks together with plenty of sunny, feel-good vibrations. Songs average out between 2 and 3 minutes apiece, from surf-ready waltzes (“On Your Own”) to moody anthems with a touch of bluesy swag (“Walk My Way”). The sounds of a tropical beach enter your ears promptly with EP opener “Stick Around.” They follow it up with twangy strings of guitar in “Careless,” folding in a nearly haunting psychedelic element that their album art helps to illustrate.

Nevertheless, the sun shines hard in these tracks, keeping the darker corners at bay before they get any sort of chance to infiltrate the sound. Get your fill of the entire EP below and keep your eyes peeled for their debut LP coming later this year.

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Surf Rock, Pop
Bad Juju EP: Tracklist:
1.) Stick Around
2.) Careless
3.) Wild and Confused
4.) On Your Own
5.) Walk My Way
6.) Bad Juju

BUY the the digital EP on Bandcamp – full length LP coming soon on Soundflat Records
The Gumbo Ya-Ya’s on Tumblr

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