Tempo House – Sketches CS

tempo house sketches cs digital regress records 2015

TEMPO HOUSE consists of Zac Grunter and Ronald Langford, both based out of Oakland, California. Their new cassette, Sketches, was just released on their own Digital Regress label in a modest run of 50 tapes.

Langford has crossed our radar before as a member of the fuzz-punk outfit Bicycle Day. This new project takes a completely different angle from Bicycle Day, trading in glinting, sun-drenched guitars for dark, sultry goth vibes with a focus on minimalism and repetition. Vaporous vocals and tight, muffled guitars all sound veiled by a thick layer of smoke, slithering along slowly and cautiously as if you were tip-toeing through a cool, moonlit night. “Knowledge by Acquaintance” is driven by a thin, skeleton-like rhythm and righteously tinny guitars, coming off like frail and malnourished pop yet still delivering a brooding squall. “Burning Airlines Give You So Much More” (a cover of a Brian Eno track) unfolds with the timely crunch of the guitar, sounding like metal clanging against metal as the snare drum barely holds the rhythm down. Deep below there’s a nearly undetectable buzz, creating a sticky atmosphere that coats everything in tar. In the final minute the track suddenly jumps forward with a sprightly pop edge. Tangled and scratchy guitars set the pace in “Underground,” boasting layers of gooey synths paired with a stringy guitar solo. Listen to these few songs from the cassette right now and grab one before they’re long gone!

Genre/ Tags: Post-Punk, Minimal, Pop
Sketches CS: Tracklist:
1.) Determined
2.) Knowledge by Acquaintance
3.) Discomfort
4.) Burning Airlines Give You So Much More (Brian Eno)
5.) Regression
6.) Underground
7.) Seeking Guidance

BUY the CS from Digital Regress – limited to 50 pieces
Tempo House on Bandcamp

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