The Famines – Stay Home Club “Paper Single”

famines stay home club 7 psychic handshake records 2015

THE FAMINES and Psychic Handshake Recordings are pleased to announce their latest release and it’s not a record. Stay Home Club sees the light of day as a 20in x 30in poster containing a download for two brand new tracks from the Montreal-via-Edmonton duo.

Unlike the lousy “party” Ray Biesinger’s lyrics depict, “Stay Home Club” is an invigorating post-punk banger that would do surprisingly well in turning that party into a damn good time. Fuzzy and wiry guitar hooks nearly sound like they’re played on an old, rusty bass guitar. They’re creaky and squealing as they swell and slide through the ravaging affair while the rhythm punches forward without looking back. They wrap it up in just over two minutes and it’s short enough to warrant a click of the repeat button. They flip the coin entirely and switch to slow gear with simmering psych vibes in “Who Wants Disarmament?” They’re roasting us slowly and deliberately, with stressed guitars and pounding percussion holding it all in place. Biesinger slurs calmly over the growing fuzz as they intentionally stop and start to create an absolutely jarring track. As it winds down they’re completely soaring over crashing cymbals and the strikingly palpable scratch of guitar. Hear “Stay Home Club” right below and snag the poster to get a download of the whole single!

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Post-Punk, Garage Rock
Stay Home Club “Paper Single”: Tracklist:
1.) Stay Home Club
2.) Disarmament

BUY the 20″x30″ poster from Psychic Handshake Recordings – only $5 !
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