Ex-Cult – Cigarette Machine EP

ex-cult cigarette machine ep castle face 2015

Memphis’ most lethal and terrifying crew of scoundrels, EX-CULT, are back on the scene with a new EP for Castle Face Records. Cigarette Machine is their first for the label and follows their 2014 LP on Goner Records.

“Clinical Study” opens on a grimy bass line leading straight toward the ensuing explosion that is Cigarette Machine. Frontman Chris Shaw is already spewing his hateful slurs from the get-go, dodging angular guitar crunches and booming percussion. This quickly sets you up for one wild ride as they maintain this berserk pace for a full 20 minutes – which by now, for Ex-Cult, shouldn’t come as a surprise.

“Cigarette Machine” attempts to take flight, but it’s crippled by the enveloping layer of sludge that drags it back down into the dirt – a similar feeling to taking a dip in a vat of tar and then trying to sprint as your sticky feet cling to the ground. The track is plagued by an instrumental midsection where metallic guitars are bent and twisted as if they’re trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Shaw scarily confirms “trouble finds me” as he barks away feverishly. On the flipside, the title “Dripping Mouth” goes a long way to paint a picture in your mind. Tightly-wound guitar hooks slice away at your fingers and pry the track wide open. They morph into a clangorous shard as they attempt to soar, only to be bogged down again by the subsequent weight of scuzz that burdens this entire EP.

Castle Face quickly sold out of this monstrous record, but you can still track it down if you look in the right spots (more links below). Peep a picture of the “key lime cough” edition right here.

ex-cult key lime cough ep

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Post-Punk, Psychedelic
Cigarette Machine EP: Tracklist:
1.) Clinical Study
2.) Cigarette Machine
3.) Rats in the Gas Tank
4.) Meda House Company
5.) Dripping Mouth
6.) Your Mask

BUY the LP from Castle Face Recs… oops, all sold out. Try Goner Records, Juno Records, or Discogs
Ex-Cult on Facebook

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