Kerosene – s/t CS EP

kerosene st cs ep end result productions 2015

Philadelphia’s newest post-punk knock-outs KEROSENE just dropped their debut cassette EP on End Result Productions. The tape provides an invigorating dose of dance floor-ready noise rock that was recorded at the Sex Dungeon in the Belmont section of west Philly.

Their blistering noise-fucked attack comes with a danceable aesthetic (hence their influence from bands including Gang of Four and My Disco) that will force you up and out of your seat and straight into a pile of garbage. The four tracks are speedy and poised for action, built with raspy fist-in-air shouts and completely wigged-out guitar effects. It all comes together in “Currency Current” with a torrent of sludgy bass lines and screaming guitars that sound as if they’re thrown through a paper shredder while still plugged into the amp. “Concrete” opens with a swelling bass line while riding along the sharp tap of the hi-hat. Jarring guitars create a cringe-worthy racket as they angrily engulf every other element. “Shame” sounds muffled and lost in a sea of blown-out guitar grime – it’s gritty and shocking to the touch, almost as if you could reach out and touch it – that goes for all four of these nasty anthems. Now get to listening. If that’s not enough for you, go grab the cassette here because there’s only 40.

BUY the cassette on Store Envy
DOWNLOAD the EP for FREE on Bandcamp
Kerosene on Tumblr

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