Black Fruit/ Factotum – Stolen Body Split LP #2

black fruit factotum split lp stolen body records 2015

Stolen Body Records (Bristol, UK) continue to issue fuzzy garage rock goodness with the second edition of their split LP series. This LP features another group of Grand Rapids rockers, BLACK FRUIT, and local Bristolian ensemble, FACTOTUM.

Despite their distance, the LP flows seamlessly between each group’s interpretations of the garage rock sound. Staying true to split tradition, the vinyl is issued on frosted clear and red wax that was first available for purchase March 9.

Black Fruit is a two-man powerhouse consisting of Alexandre Falardeau on guitar and vocals with Robby Fischer holding down the beat. The Michigan natives have created a synthesis of surf-influenced garage rock and psychedelia with a hint of the blues. Their Americana infusion has been layered with a lo-fi recording style that highlights their explosive release of energy and angst with each track.

“Feelers” is a psychotic psychedelic groove that stands out amongst Black Fruit’s contributions to the split. The instrumentals on this track are razor sharp but Falardeau’s incomprehensive wails make it sound like they’re too cool to care. “Problem” highlights the pair’s garage and surf sensibilities by showcasing Falardeau’s vocal ability over a catchy chord progression and an airtight beat that one can’t help but bob along to. “Mustard Frosty” deserves recognition purely for a great song name that surmises how their music is digested. Black Fruit is a pungent and refreshing blend of garage rock that will make your nose crinkle, your brow furrow and your head bang.

Across the Atlantic is a mirror image of Black Fruit’s psychedelic garage sound in Factotum. The twosome gouged out a name for themselves in Bristol with their debut release. On the split, their sound is raw and powerful but they also showcased a tripped-out atmospheric number in “Loose Cannon Cops With Big Fat Heroin Hands.” “Seasick Surfer” is hands-down the best Factotum track, if not the best track on the whole split. This mammoth is noisy, distorted and aggressive as all hell – it’s baffling how only two dudes made such a big, beautiful racket. “Snake Charmer” has an addictive guitar riff that seamlessly morphs from a surf tone, to a fuzzed out psychedelic sound and then to a sound more synonymous with classic rock.

Stolen Body has a knack for finding and getting great complimentary bands together. These splits are not to be missed – give it a proper listen below and get a copy for yourself at Stolen Body Records!

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Blues, Garage Rock, Lo-Fi, Surf Rock
Stolen Body Split LP #2: Tracklist:
1.) Black Fruit – Slugworth
2.) Black Fruit – Feelers
3.) Black Fruit – Letter
4.) Black Fruit – Mustard Frosty
5.) Black Fruit – Problem
6.) Black Fruit – Bodies
7.) Black Fruit – More Nothing
8.) Factotum – Snake Charmer
9.) Factotum – Seasick Surfer
10.) Factotum – All My Friends Like My Garage
11.) Factotum – The Place I Go
12.) Factotum – Loose Cannon Cops With Big Fat Heroin Hands

BUY the LP from Stolen Body Records – half red, half clear-frosted vinyl !
Factotum on Facebook
Black Fruit on Facebook

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