Jim Nothing – Zig Zag Blues CS EP

jim nothing zig zag blues cs 2015

JIM NOTHING hails from Christchurch, New Zealand. Zig Zag Blues is his second self-released cassette, released on February 1st in a modest run of just 50 pieces.

This tape is encrusted in a searing layer of lo-fi grit, making for a constant bedroom pop-driven tangle in an array of tracks ranging from folk-punk stompers to dazed dream pop blowouts. Discordant guitars and muddy bass lines open the tape slowly in “What Can I Say?” before it changes momentum with an added spike of ecstatic energy. Title track “Zig Zag Blues” is a rowdy number shrouded in a cloak of lethal guitar fuzz. It’s like being tossed into a rodeo and not knowing what the hell to do with yourself. Shouts and yelps can be heard in the gnarly swell and it’s stirred violently by the rattle of percussion. “Oceans” is a dreamy three-chord lullaby that they somehow flawlessly worked in to this otherwise snarling bunch of tracks. Cooing vocals are melodic and distant, creating the brightest track on the EP. Tape closer “Night Gardener” keeps the murky vibes flowing with a wonky bass line and a colorful speckling of shoddy, gunk-covered guitar tones. Give your ears a listen with these tracks below.

Genre/ Tags: Post-Punk, Garage Rock, Grunge, Pop
Zig Zag Blues CS: Tracklist:
1.) What Can I Say?
2.) Raleigh Arena
3.) Doubt
4.) Zig Zag Blues
5.) Oceans
6.) Night Gardener

BUY the tape on Bandcamp – limited to 50 !
Jim Nothing on Facebook

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