Tropical Dripps – Wrong Way CS

tropical dripps wrong way cassingle brusied tongue 2015

Already on their third release of 2015, Bruised Tongue Records in Ottawa just dropped a new cassingle from TROPICAL DRIPPS. Wrong Way is the bands second cassette after their first in February 2014.

If you were on-board for their first tape, the Cool Dude EP, then you know the differences here. Their new material is undoubtedly in a similar vein, but it’s the recording quality that is the major difference this time. They’ve tidied up some of the extra fuzz and gunk from their first and the result now is a crisp, clean pop-fueled twang. Opener “Wrong Way” combines a bit of punk snarl with a few addicting qualities. They work in some angular guitar licks and a cooing chorus, all held together by the double hit of the snare drum. “Sludge City” is a ravaging pop-flavored anthem with cascading guitar hooks before spilling over into a drum-roll dominated bridge. Closer “Lunetta Swell” is totally instrumental and concocts visions of a sun-drenched beach with the perfect waves for an afternoon surf. See where these three tracks take you – start listening below.

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Punk, Pop, Surf Rock
Wrong Way CS: Tracklist:
1.) Wrong Way
2.) Sludge City
3.) Lunetta Swell

BUY the digital cassette from Bruised Tongue Records
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