Duck Duck Grey Duck – Here Come…

duck duck grey duck here come lp casbah records 2015

Casbah Records in Valence, France just released the debut LP from Geneva, Ohio three-piece DUCK DUCK GREY DUCK. More Than… was released on February 2nd and the vinyl is limited to 500 pieces.

Their LP combines electrified blues with classic garage rock punch. Altogether it’s a blues-ridden monster, coming with ballsy psychedelic swagger paired with an occasional trip into space rock territory. The LP changes gears many times throughout, starting off with the rollicking intro “Mama Don’t Mind.” The track gets heavier as it unfolds, revealing fiery lead guitar work that burns everything in sight. They speed up wildly for the instrumental “Transworld,” creating a cascading blues-psych whirlwind with twangy guitars and clanking percussion – it’s like the soundtrack to utter pandemonium with buildings and mountains crumbling to dust. They slow to a slithery psych in “Double Monk Strap,” backed with howling vocals and glinting guitar speckles. Deep bass sounds as if it’s trudging through the mud and by now it’s kind of difficult not to compare this one to recent Arctic Monkeys.

They switch it up quickly with “Like a Bee,” where energizing guitars and wonky bass lines create a rigid and invigorating groove. “Shadow of a Man” shows off their big blues sound, built with soulful vocals along with a bout of fearless guitar lickage shrouded in electricity. “Odysseum” is another instrumental number and it goes a bit cosmic on us. Scaly, jagged beams of guitar sound completely shredded and strung out – the equivalent of throwing a tin can through a wood-chipper. They close the LP on “Walkin'” and you can feel the big boom of the bass drum with every thud. It’s easy-going and optimistic and it sticks out from the rest of the LP with its bright, high-pitched whistling and rattling percussion. Start by listening below, check out the video for “Mexico,” and then of course go grab the LP from Casbah Records.

Genre/ Tags: Blues Rock, Garage Rock, Psychedelic
Here Come… LP: Tracklist:
1.) Mama Don’t Mind
2.) Mexico
3.) Transworld
4.) Spills and Chills
5.) Swimming Pools
6.) Double Monk Strap
7.) Like a Bee
8.) Shadow of a Man
9.) Wrong Dream
10.) Ice Cream
11.) Odysseum
12.) Walkin’

BUY the LP from Casbah Records – limited to 500 !
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