Holy Monitor – Golden Light EP

holy monitor golden light ep 2015

Hailing all the way from Athens, Greece, HOLY MONITOR self-released their first batch of music at the very beginning of 2015 after recording it this past summer.

The 13-minute EP is constantly in motion – motorik beats, fueled with nonstop energy – it’s like it lives and breathes a life of it’s own. Creepy, breathy vocals slither their way through the haze while mesmerizing guitar shocks ride the wave. This is most evident in opener “The Way Out,” where the electric current courses freely, putting the track on the borderline between dream and nightmare. Elastic bass lines create a tangle and the low-end frequencies suck you straight into a gaping black hole. Let it wash over you as you drift through the solar system.

“Golden Light” slows the pace only slightly. Shadowy vocals echo out from behind the murky smokescreen that envelopes the whole EP. They’re possessed and robotic, creating a uniquely chilling effect – not always an easy trait to pull off. Woozy guitar leads emerge in the last half, complementing the track’s gritty and fried complexion. Closer “Cacti” traps us in a spiraling whirlpool and throws away the key. Lysergic beams of guitar shine their light confidently, backed by a timely tambourine rattle. It’s all layered in a blanket of palpable neon haze and they refuse to miss a single beat.

This material provides a challenging listen – a solid (albeit small) collection of songs with plenty of exciting and spooky elements executed with a purpose. See what you think and start listening below.

Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Space Rock, Motorik
Golden Light EP: Tracklist:
1.) The Way Out
2.) Golden Light
3.) Cacti

BUY the digital EP on Bandcamp for €2 !
Holy Monitor on Soundcloud

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