Tight Genes – Viet Songs for Viet Kongs 7″ EP

tight genes viet songs for viet kongs 7 ken rock records 2014

TIGHT GENES have reemerged from the grizzly swamps of Orlando, FL bearing a brand new 7″ EP released by the tasteful humans at Ken Rock Records in Sweden.

We last heard from this wild crew when they released their debut 7″ on Goodbye Boozy Records. Unfortunately they’ve kept quiet for over 2 years, but these guys would fit in seamlessly on the catalog list for a now-sparingly active Florida’s Dying Records.

With Viet Songs for Viet Kongs, Tight Genes have delivered a fresh platter of vulgar, riotous garage rock. Scuzzy vocal scowling and explosive guitars lead their sloppy charge, falling somewhere equally between pop and punk. They hit their pop peak with “Gay for School,” coming with hilarious lyrics about “blowing the professors mind” and “finding your way onto the Dean’s list.”

The others showcase a darker and strictly punk attack, sustaining an explosive onslaught for almost 5 minutes through 3 obliterating tracks. Opener “Beach Bum Strangler” comes with a menacing carnival-esque twist stemming from the gooey synthesizers. A fiery guitar hook is woven throughout, providing the track with a meddling psych undertone that you wouldn’t want to piss off for fear of being eaten alive. They continue the horror in the one-minute hot-shot “Shoot the Messenger,” built with fist-in-air chanting and a stampede of rumbling percussion.

Listen to “Viet Nam” and “Gay for School” right below – if that’s not enough, you’re better off scooping up that 7″ to hear the rest.

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Garage Rock, Pop
Viet Songs for Viet Kongs 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) Beach Bum Strangler
2.) Shoot the Messenger
3.) Viet Nam
4.) Gay for School

BUY the 7″ from Florida’s Dying (US) or Bachelor Records (EU)
Tight Genes on Facebook

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