Bad Axe – Coachman 7″

bad axe coachman 7 permanent records archival release 2014

Permanent Records got their grimy mitts on the original BAD AXE tapes, resulting in this brand new archival 7″. Both of these tracks date back to 1973, but the label has proudly pressed them to vinyl for the very first time in 2014.

You’re likely to think that somewhere between 1973 and 2014 somebody failed (or maybe just didn’t care anymore) to share these songs with the world. Now 41 years later, that awful mistake has been rectified thanks to the folks at Permanent. Coming in a modest edition of just 300 pieces on black wax, Coachman showcases the two known songs that were laid to tape by the Chicago-based band in the early 70s. They formed from the ashes of the Burlington Express, another Chicago band who released a lone single in the mid-60s on Roach Records.

Both of these tracks radiate an authentic 70s psych rock vibe, not to mention the smell of the dirty musk of the basements they were born in. “Coachman” is woven together with some truly righteous psychedelic elements – a deep, twitchy bass line supplies the A-side with a nefarious groove, answering to the dual, high-voltage twangery of monumental guitar work. Soulful yet frantic vocals bellow out from an unnamed frontman (John Turner?), spearheading a dazzling psychedelic onslaught that progressively grows louder and heavier. B-side “Poor Man, Run” breaks open with a riveting crunch, boasting a hard, bluesy edge that’s just slightly evil. The track closes out with a glinting beam of guitar, built with an acoustic skeleton that provides the foundation for an exceptionally effective breakdown. Bass plunges and dips with low-end frequencies, creating a rock-steady beat for an explosive bout of sinister guitar soloing.

It’s remarkable that something of this caliber was just recently unearthed, but we’re thanking Permanent Records and straight-up telling you you’re going to need this 7″. Get one right here, there’s only 300.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Alternative, Blues Rock
Coachman 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Coachman
2.) Poor Man, Run

BUY the 7″ from Permanent Records – an archival release limited to 300 !

One thought on “Bad Axe – Coachman 7″

  1. hi just got the single today. bad axe are SMOKIN.its so great.glad they didnt get that keyboard. see ya bruce

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