The Snookys – Junk Food

snookys junk food lp one chord wonder 2014

Much like the title of their album, Junk Food, THE SNOOKYS have created something you can’t get enough of, no matter how many servings you cram into your filthy pie hole.

The Snookys hail from Bergamo, Italy, and while not at the level of one of the greatest punk bands in the world (who also happen to be Italian) Thee Oops, they can crank out great punk rock with the best of them, and are definitely a band to keep a close eye on.

Junk Food is a mixture of all the elements that make for great punk rock: energy, creativity, hooks, leads, distortion, bile, and balls. This nifty little album features a slew of great influences. Yet like all strong bands, the Snookys don’t replicate – they integrate – to create some dynamic tracks that blow the doors off the garage, but are intelligent enough to do it with different twists and turns in their songwriting. An outstanding and impressive quality the Snookys utilize is their affinity for strong, menacing backing vocals. The arrangements are impressive, and when combined with the other maddening qualities of this outfit, forebode for some solid releases down the road.

Standout tracks include “Actin’ Good,” a great little guitar number with tight, wiry hooks. It’s an early example of their use of background vocals, making this song punch far above it’s weight while adding an aggressive, fist-in-air spirit. “Fat Guy Attitude” can make jukeboxes from Milan to Palermo meltdown with its sizzling, fuzz-fueled riffs. In a perfect world, “Down in The Basement” would be a smash international hit and make these guys enough money to buy their favorite Italian Football team. As we all know the world is far from perfect, but it always yields a good day when you get to sink your teeth into a record as satisfying as Junk Food.

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Garage Rock
Junk Food LP: Tracklist:
1.) Fat Guy Attitude
2.) Actin’ Good
3.) Fire Alarm
4.) Pidgeon
5.) Cop Guy
6.) Stab You
7.) Not a Girl
8.) I Can Only Wear Geox
9.) Down in the Basement
10.) I’m a Geek, You’re a Nerd
11.) Jizz
12.) You’re a Buff
13.) Nothing Can Heal Us

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