Circles – Shadowgraph

circles shadowgraph lp diminished arc records 2014

Based out of Chicago and Milwaukee, CIRCLES consists of five core members that have been or are currently a part of a number of bands including Radar Eyes, France Has the Bomb, the Ponys, the Guilty Pleasures, Cococomas, Space Raft, the Holy Ghosts and Football.

Their record, entitled Shadowgraph, contains a mixture of lean guitar pop with colorful organ washes, led by shared vocal efforts from a few different band members. The guitars on the record are pristine and wiry, constantly strumming up an ecstatic little hook (“Black Music,” “Five and Tens”), or a dreary, rainy-day twang (“Ghost Walking,” “Little Moon”). “Constant Party” is tangled by melodic shards of guitar, laying down an invigorating, jewel-toned squeal over soaring boy-girl vocals. “Curses” follows suit and easily becomes one of the album’s catchiest moments. Springy bass lines, hand claps and a swift rhythm make up this short, sweet guitar pop gem. It gets swallowed whole in a wash of guitar-fueled fuzz before they sum it up with one last infectious verse.

“Black Eyes” burns with a palpable flame and a psych spirit, built with a chorus of gooey synth textures for a murky drift through space. Last but not least, album closer “Photographs of Naked Ladies” is a cover of Toy Love’s track from their 1980 s/t album. It’s a dark, foreboding march speckled with bright licks and bells, crafting the album’s brooding and uplifting final statement with a memorable chorus. You can hereby argue they saved the catchiest for last.

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Post-Punk, Alternative
Circles LP: Tracklist:
1.) All My Friends Are Dead Now
2.) Walk For Days
3.) Ghost Walking
4.) Fives and Tens
5.) Little Moon
6.) Black Music (A Reading By Bob Johnson)
7.) Constant Party
8.) Curses
9.) Back to One
10.) Marcus Garvey
11.) Black Eyes
12.) Photographs of Naked Ladies

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