GOAT – Commune

goat commune lp sub pop 2014

In a time of strife and uncertainty in the world, GOAT has arrived with a fresh batch of masterful songs on their latest from Sub Pop Records. All in all, Commune seeks to celebrate Mother Earth once again.

The music world has grown a bit tired with garage, 90’s pop and 60’s psychedelics and surf and roll being mined to death. One relatively untouched genre was the broad world music until Swedish band Goat released their first LP World Music in 2012.

World Music was a revelation, with a hypnotic harmonic approach to vocals intertwined with searing Afro-beat fuzz guitar leads and indigenous tribal rhythms. Now we have World Music’s outstanding follow up, Commune, an effort that turns down the guitar jams a bit while dialing up a meditative, funk-heavy, psych vibe that is both celebratory and spiritual while tapping into the warmth of humanity and the unbridled power of nature.

Each track on Commune is fantastic and features varied sound structures. “Bondye” and “Gathering of Ancient Tribes” kick out guitar and drum jams that border on symphonic and come closest to mirroring Goat’s previous efforts. “Goatslaves” cranks an engaging Afro-beat jam with ethereal overtones to simply masterful effect. “Talk to God” is hypnotic, with pounding, tribal percussion and a taut bass line that will elevate your spirit whether you’re a believer or not. When the affairs of the world have you down, crank Commune and ride the enchanting ebb and flow of the Earth’s mystic groove to a better place.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Afro-Beat, World Music
Commune LP: Tracklist:
1.) Talk to God
2.) Words
3.) The Light Within
4.) To Travel the Path Unknown
5.) Goatchild
6.) Goatslaves
7.) Hide from the Sun
8.) Bondye
9.) Gathering of Ancient Tribes

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