Song of the Day #53: Strange Attractor – “It’s Always Halloween (Downtown)”

strange attractor it’s always halloween (downtown) 7 goodbye boozy 2014

Sudbury, Ontario’s premier garage-dwelling aliens in STRANGE ATTRACTOR have a new 7″ coming on Italy’s finest, Goodbye Boozy Records. The 7″, released just in time for Halloween, coincides with a list of tour dates through Canada.

Damaged, broken-down guitars form a vicious hook over an eerie backdrop of laughs and bubbles. It drives the track along with a swift rhythm, backed by Jeff Houle’s distinct, wide-eyed shrieking. The guitars suck you into their grotesque downward spiral, testing your ears with sloppy chords for a constantly wrinkled crunch – they come to a screeching halt, only to kick start over and over again, progressively growing louder and dirtier. It’s a mutated and disheveled little mess and it does not play well with others, so it’s appropriately stuck all alone on a single-sided 7″ that’s soon to be released by our friends at Goodbye Boozy Records. If you’re in eastern Canada (hint: the Halifax Pop Explosion), this list of tour dates is for you.

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Garage Rock, Lo-Fi

Goodbye Boozy Records on Facebook – check for updates on when to buy the 7″
Strange Attractor on Facebook

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