Low Culture & Needles//Pins – Dirtnap Split 7″

low culture needles pins split 7 dirtnap records 2014

The latest from Dirtnap Records is a split 7″ featuring LOW CULTURE and NEEDLES//PINS. Together both bands serve up their melodic, ramshackle version of caffeinated pop-punk.

The 7″ quickly leaves you with little doubt that this is anything but a Dirtnap product. Both bands execute their own exhilarating blend of punk, like sticking you on the highway in a car with a cinder block tied to the gas pedal. Low Culture is led by Chris Mason and Joe Ayoub’s soaring vocals, backed by a charge of high-voltage guitars for an airtight sound. Needles//Pins deliver their mess in similar fashion, spearheaded by the snotty snarls of Adam Solomonian. Their B-side “Bored” is a melodic nugget of anthemic punk rock, arranged with dagger-like chords and a marching beat. Listen to an A-side cut by Low Culture right here – vocals bounce with reverb while guitars stir up a stormy, angular onslaught. Keep checking the Dirtnap Records website for when the 7″ becomes available!

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Pop
Dirtnap Split 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Low Culture – Reservations
2.) Low Culture – Don’t Tell Me
3.) Needles//Pins – Hateful
4.) Needles//Pins – Bored

BUY the 7″ from Dirtnap Records – soon!
Low Culture on Facebook
Needles//Pins on Facebook

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