Os Noctàmbulos – Corsica Garden LP

os noctambulos corsica garden lp evil hoodoo records 2014

OS NOCTÀMBULOS released their debut album, Corsica Garden, Septemeber 1, 2014. The promising Franco-British newcomers boast a distinctly 60’s style that combines garage rock, surf, psychadelia and shades of country. Corsica Garden is available on limited edition vinyl from Evil Hoodoo Records in Sheffield.

Os Noctàmbulos is a Portuguese/Spanish name meaning “The Night Owls” or “The Nightwalkers”. The name is derived from the James Ellroy neo-noir novel, “L.A. Confidential”, which features a bar called The Night Owl. Os Noctàmbulos is an extension of Nick Wheeldon’s (guitar/organ/vox) solo project, also influenced by Ellroy. Corsica Garden is surprisingly complimentary to the dark subject matter and notorious staccato sentence style of Ellroy.

Corsica Garden’s sound is based in the primitive beginnings of psychedelic garage rock, heavily influenced by surf rock and early rock n’ roll as evidenced by the rapid staccato picking technique and appealing pop melodies. It’s a difficult movement to replicate; these proto-psych artists were innovators still developing and experimenting with their newfound craft. At times the blossoming genre came off somewhat hodgepodge and chaotic but the vigor exhibited added to the appeal of the emerging sound. Corsica Garden has refined their predecessor’s wide-ranging influences into easily digestible Freakbeat bangers. The lo-fi recording style keeps the release in the realm of “rare psychedelic nugget” instead of coming off as an overproduced imitation pyrite.

Standouts from the debut release include “It Scares Me”, “Forget Everything” and “On The Run”. However, Corsica Garden is stacked with soon-to-be favorites of for fans of psychedelic garage rock. Give it a proper listen below!

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Psychedelic, Surf Rock, Retro
Corsica Garden: Tracklist:
1.) Forever
2.) Song for Oliver
3.) It Scares Me
4.) Forget Everything
5.) Polly
6.) Devil Don’t Hide
7.) On the Run
8.) Wild
9.) Bad Man
10.) Walk On

BUY the LP from Evil Hoodoo Records
Os Noctàmbulos on bandcamp

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