Needles//Pins – Shamebirds

needles pins shamebirds lp dirt cult records 2014

Dirt Cult Records in Portland, OR presents us with a new LP from Vancouver’s NEEDLES//PINS. This time around the band drives us wild with their power-pop madness and well-intended fuzz-rocking sound.

The songs all clock in at less than 3 minutes and there are a few burners in the sub 2-minute category. Why are we discussing time you might be wondering? Time is of the essence and N//P are not wasting your time or theirs getting their songs heard – they simply get it done! Having recently seen them live at the Ottawa Explosion Weekend they have made a impression on me and this record captures the band’s energy perfectly – the production is just dirty enough and you can feel drumming in your cerebellum hours after listening. The bass and guitar interplay are solid and the vocals are delivered with cool, sleazy breaths. Tracks including “High and Waiting//Cheap Cigarettes” and “Far Better Off” are perfect examples of why N//P are more than just your average pop-punk group and how they are contributing to the genre rather than playing on the same old structure. Don’t believe my words? Have a listen and feel the Needles//Pins permeate your skull!

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Pop
Shamebirds LP: Tracklist:
1.) Shamebirds
2.) Far Better Off
3.) What’s His Face?
4.) Polaroid
5.) High & Waiting // Cheap Cigarettes
6.) Losing Your Mind
7.) Hate When You’re Leaving
8.) Only Call Me When You’re Drunk
9.) Hitting Bottom
10.) I’m a Drag

BUY the LP from Dirt Cult Records on Bandcamp !
Needles//Pins on Facebook

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