Ville Fantome – Anything 4 U 7″ EP

ville fantome anything 4 u 7 ep kizmiaz records 2014

VILLE FANTOME is crafting killer bluesy-garage surf rock 500 miles off the coast in a basement in Strasbourg, France. His first release, Anything 4 U, is as haunted as the band name suggests and is truly impressive considering it was conceived immaculately; jerZ Dietrich employed no overdubs or tapes. A lone loop pedal enabled its multi-instrument birth. The end result is a hypnotic, genre-blending collection of three new songs.

Quickly putting hooves to dirt, Anything 4 U gallops into a salty surf rhythm paired with slide and intoxicating riffs on the titular track. Multiple guitar layers peel back in the heat as elegiac English lyrics enter on this and the other two songs. Additional landscapes come into view as “Anything 4 U” is brought to life via music video (produced and edited by the artist). Lyrics and song are made to shine in technicolor through the amalgamation of western landscape found-footage.

“Planet A” unmutes vocals through pitch and volume adjustments and interposes a brassy harmonica refrain. It keeps pace with the established tempo. At two minutes long, it hurries through choruses, panicked by metronomic perforations of the snare drum and psychosis.  The Midwestern summer heat is really starting to set in.

“The Meeting” summarily closes out the EP while enveloped in dusty western grunge. It signals arrival at our final destination – perhaps the Ville Fantome? A steady snare beat hollows out a hole in the sandy gravel, and echoey vocals return from it  – “I’m about to lose myself…” True to the lyrics, I lost myself somewhere in the desert through these three tracks. As my physical body renders these words, my mind wistfully floats amongst warn roadhouses, tumbling weeds, smoky whiskey, and wide open roads.

Everyone outside of France will need to wait to see VILLA FANTOME live as only local touring is planned through the winter. For now, pick up Anything 4 U digitally, or snag the 7″ from Nantes, France label Kizmiaz Records – don’t miss that bonus track either, streaming below!

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Surf Rock, Blues Rock
Anything 4 U 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) Anything 4 U
2.) Planet A
3.) The Meeting

BUY the 7″ (or digitals) from the Kizmiaz Records Bandcamp
Ville Fantome on Bandcamp – includes a bonus track to this EP !

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