The Anomalys – s/t LP + Deadline Blues 7″

anomalys st lp 2014 slovenly records

Internationally recognized as a primitive, psychotic force of rock n’ roll, THE ANOMALYS initially released their self-titled debut through Slovenly Recordings in June of 2010. The nine-song assault of blues-flavored, punk rock savagery can definitely be summed up in one word – raw. Now they’re back with a new 7″ EP from the label, Deadline Blues.

Instead of using their full names, the Anomaly’s band members have all adopted one-word monikers. Profundo is the lead guitarist; Bone is on vocal and guitar duties and Memme plays drums and occasionally spices things up with maracas.

The album explodes into fruition with the instrumental track “Anomaly’s Now!”, making their presence known with a twangy guitar that builds into a ferocious three cord assault synonymous with their punk predecessors. The entire album showcases their garage rock tendencies, giving them an audible presence one would expect to hear from hallowed proto-punk acts.

“Rock ‘N Roll World” and “Kiss ‘N Run” stay true to early garage rock but The Anomaly’s prove they have even more to offer. The sixth track, “Soul Saver”, incorporates elements of skacore that one can’t help but skank to and the closing track, “Sex”, features a lead harmonica and rhythmic maracas that give insight to their rockabilly sensibilities.

Between the battering assault on the drums and occasionally screeching amp, the Anomaly’s sound like an out of control locomotive threatening to become unhinged in each track. Bone’s throaty rasp gives the uncontrollable engine an edgy life normally heard in hardcore punk from the 80’s. Hear the LP and the new 7″ below, then snag both from Slovenly Records!

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Garage Rock
The Anomalys s/t: Tracklist:
1.) Anomalys Now!
2.) Rock ‘N Roll World
3.) Kiss ‘N Run
4.) Ain’t Got A Lot To Give
5.) See Me Bleed
6.) Soul Saver
7.) Sorry State
8.) Fatal Attraction
9.) Sex

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