Bear In Heaven – Time Is Over One Day Old

bear in heaven time is over one day old lp dead oceans 2014

The machines are humming, the band’s locked in and the psychic damage has been done. The question is where do you go from here? BEAR IN HEAVEN’S latest entry Time is Over One Day Old captures a group that’s grappling with those questions; trying to find the answer and move forward.

An album of dreamy, textural synth rock that’s brimming with lyrics that convey heaviness and road weariness. The kind that comes with spending a decade together living in a touring band and what exactly those isolated days on the road can do to one’s psyche. Brimming with songs that are trying to process the mistakes of the past, while looking forward. There’s a certain atmospheric quality to this record that is difficult to describe.

Things start off properly with “Autumn” which sets a sinister tone, grabbing you with its hooks. Another album highlight comes in the dark kraut-rock rhythms of “Memory Heart.” While atmospheric, the record unfortunately suffers from a bit of a lack of variety. This can tend to make individual tracks (even the record itself) a bit forgettable at times. Especially when taken in contrast with label-mates Strand of Oaks’ latest album HEAL, which mines similar subject matter while boasting a much greater depth of emotion and sonic variety. Time is Over One Day Old captures a band looking towards growth both emotional and musical. These are not always easy things to achieve; sometimes the road is long and there are still miles to go.

Genre/ Tags: Space Rock, Synth Pop
Time Is Over One Day Old LP: Tracklist:
1.) Autumn
2.) Time Between
3.) If I Were To Lie
4.) They Dream
5.) The Sun and the Moon and the Stars
6.) Memory Heart
7.) Demon
8.) Way Off
9.) Dissolve the Walls
10.) You Don’t Need the World

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