Straight Arrows – Rising

straight arrows rising lp hozac rice is nice agitated records 2014

Sydney-based STRAIGHT ARROWS just announced tour dates in Europe to go with their new sophomore LP Rising, a co-release from Hozac (US), Rice is Nice (AUS) and Agitated Records (UK).

It’s been a solid four years since the Straight Arrows dropped their debut It’s Happening, but they’re back in full force with this reverb-stained platter. Thirteen tracks come drenched with ravaging guitar shards, arranged with the most upbeat pop intentions you can find out there. Owen Penglis leads each searing track with a snotty howl, backed by a psych-flavored wave of jewel-toned guitar grit that always hits that melodic sweet spot.

“Introduction” welcomes us with a guitar hook from a haunted carousel, leading right up to the wonky bass of “Fruit of the Forest.” Rising takes flight from here, and there’s really no looking back. Guitars are littered with high-voltage buzzing, evidenced by the gritty hook that guides the track. “Can’t Stand It” first appeared on the B-side of a 7″ from the Hozac Hookup Klub. It’s a garage-punk tantrum of the absolute highest caliber, delivering from all angles with progressive intensity and stomping percussion. The final, anthemic squeal of glinting guitar should keep you coming back again and again. “Petrified” follows up with a surf-y guitar twist, while “Rotten Teeth” opens with a stampeding punk pummel.

The record closes with a killer one-two-three punch, starting with the breezy chords of “Breakdown.” “Changing Colours” contains some of the albums most melodic moments, guided by sun-slathered guitar plucks and Angela Bermuda’s fluttering bass lines. They sustain this brightly-colored sound, bringing us to the album’s grungy final statement. “Never Enough” started as the A-side of the Hookup Klub 7″ we already mentioned, but it’s been entirely re-recorded and re-scuzzed for your listening pleasure.

Listen to these songs below – Hozac Records still has gold vinyl copies available, and if you’re from Europe, the band just announced new tour dates.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Pop, Punk, Lo-Fi
Rising LP: Tracklist:
1.) Introduction
2.) Fruit of the Forest
3.) Can’t Stand It
4.) Petrified
5.) Continental Son
6.) Don’t Tell Me
7.) Rotten Teeth
8.) Make Up Your Mind
9.) Without Ya
10.) Don’t Call My Name
11.) Breakdown
12.) Changing Colours
13.) Never Enough

BUY the LP from Hozac Records (USA) or Rice Is Nice (AUS)
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