Strange Attractor – Barely Doin’ Crime 7″ EP

strange attractor barely doin crime 7 mammoth cave records 2014

Mammoth Cave Records draws us in deeper with this little 7″ nugget from STRANGE ATTRACTOR. Barely Doin’ Crime comes hot off the heels of their catastrophic 2013 LP Back to the Cruel World.

Everything about it smells like something that’s been hiding in some secluded KBD punk 7″ vault, filed between the Angry Samoans, the Oblivians and Red Kross. Both parties serve up this punk platter in old school fashion, cramming six smoking tracks on a 7″ record. They’re all short (none over 2 minutes) with quirky themes and Jeff Houle’s snotty vocals bordering on psychosis and some social commentary all in one sentence. Sonically speaking, the tones are gritty and the melodies are familiarly sloppy – the production is something akin to early Mystic Records when they were putting out bands that sounded a little more adventurous. Throw on “Fashion Thug” below and you will be instantly reminded of Back to the Cruel World‘s terrifying snarl and menacing pace – you’ve been warned.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Lo-Fi
Barely Doin’ Crime 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) Barely Doin’ Crime
2.) Fashion Thug
3.) Gimme Something Else
4.) I Need To Kill My Neighbors
5.) Lolita
6.) Too Dumb To Hate

BUY the 7″ from Mammoth Cave Records – it’s not available forever !
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