PREMIER: Pollen – s/t EP

pollen cs ep 2014

POLLEN is a three-piece pop-punk trio from Austin, Texas. The band is releasing their new self-titled EP, coming on cassette and digital formats officially on June 10th.

The band consists of Ben Hirsch (guitar, vocals), Maud Morgan (bass, vocals), and Andy Palmer (drums). Their debut was tracked and recorded live straight to a two-inch tape, capturing all of the bands unique moves. They showcase their intricate sound through four different tracks, built around boy/girl vocals and a constant guitar shimmer. Crunchy guitars come backed by sunny vocal harmonies and throbbing bass in “Not a Test,” which starts the EP with an invigorating pop punch.

“Short Selling” comes with a bouncy post-punk flare, sounding tight and wonky with plenty of shouting. It’s a different look at their sound compared to “Apartment,” which weaves angular guitars and bass into one stressful twang. The fluttering chorus is driven by Morgan’s breathy vocals, followed by rumbling bass lines and dusty guitars. You can listen to the full cassette now, and keep checking their Bandcamp for a link to buy!

Genre/ Tags: Post-Punk, Pop, Garage Rock
s/t CS EP: Tracklist:
1.) Not a Test
2.) Apartment
3.) AR AK
4.) Short Selling

BUY the CS from the band on Bandcamp
Pollen on Facebook

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