Inutili/ WAND – Aagoo/ Goodbye Boozy Records Split 7″

wand inutili split 7 aagoo goodbye boozy records self hypnosis easy leaving 2014

Aagoo Records in New Jersey is teaming up with Goodbye Boozy in Italy for a split 7″ from INUTILI and WAND. The single features a new track from each band, who hail from Teramo, Italy and Los Angeles respectively.

For Inutili, this is their first release since their previous 12″ from Aagoo. For WAND, they also appear on a split 7″ with Mikal Cronin on Famous Class Records. Their new track “Self Hypnosis in Three Days” was recorded in one day by Ty Segall at the Sweat Lodge in LA.

“Self Hypnosis in Three Days” starts with a crunchy twang, followed by a wave of searing guitar heat. It’s a heavy hitter, driven by a fuzzy hook that is totally evil. They slow it down midway through with a staggering bridge, leading to some fried guitar chords and a pounding rhythm. “Easy Leaving” is the first Inutili song with any voice, which comes backed by hazy guitars and a lazy beat. It’s a completely different offering from anything they’ve released, trading relentless noise for twangy guitars with a bright but dirty glow. Listen to both below and experience your ass being handed to you in two different ways.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Punk, Lo-Fi, Alternative
Split 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Wand – Self Hypnosis in Three Days
2.) Inutili – Easy Leaving

BUY the 7″ from Aagoo Records
Inutili on Blogger

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