The Love Club – Pearls Dissolve in Vinegar

love club pearls dissolve in vinegar lp 2014

Pearls Dissolve in Vinegar is the second album from the Philadelphia-based 5-piece THE LOVE CLUB. Together the band creates a wild sound combining punk and psychedelic elements with twangy folk rock.

The 5-piece band is led by Mitch Esparza who sings and plays guitar, filled out by a band that also includes a saxophone and keyboards. The band released the album on their own Mostly Music Multimedia imprint, containing twelve tracks that range drastically in size and intensity. Esparza sounds like a rugged, scraggly madman when he sings, evidenced in “Blue Eyed Big Dicked Baby Faced Killer” or “God Hates You.”

“Awaken Satan” is a dark and evil psych-folk number with guitars that go from twangy to explosive in a brief period. The track opens with a haunting howl, guided with a bright guitar that shines like a lantern. The track splits wide open with a sudden burst of energy, bringing everything to an angry boil. The lead guitar is like a beacon of light, glowing until the band suffers another monumental freakout to close the track.

“New Phace” is another heavy shredder, led by a gnashing Esparza. It’s held together by a rock-steady rhythm and tight, fuzzy hooks that don’t give up. “Lonely Star” is driven by a twangy guitar, backed by marching snare drums and a skronking saxophone. It spirals out of control, turning into a filthy mess to close the track. Listen below to these tracks below, then snag the FREE download from their Bandcamp.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Folk Rock, Psychedelic, Alternative, Punk
Pearls Dissolve in Vinegar LP: Tracklist:
1.) Murder by Contract, pt. I
2.) New Phace
3.) Lonely Star
4.) God Hates You
5.) Love Club/ Moondog (Moondog)
6.) Need Somebody
7.) Don’t Shoot Me Down
8.) Awaken Satan
9.) Murder by Contract, pts. II & III
10.) Blue Eyed Big Dicked Baby Faced Killer
11.) The Mod Trade
12.) Pearls Dissolve in Vinegar…

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