Shockwave Riderz – Dearest 7″

Shockwave Riderz dearest 7 velocity of sound records 2014

Velocity of Sound Records is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They just released the debut 7″ from Pittsburgh trio SHOCKWAVE RIDERZ, coming with two tracks of buzzy, sci-fi flavored punk.

The trio consists of Phil Boyd, Paul Quattrone, and Sara Mac, two-thirds of which made up the Pittsburgh band Modey Lemon. They were active from 1999 to 2010, releasing plenty of singles and albums on In the Red, Birdman and Mute Records (amongst others) over a decade. Dearest comes with two tracks from Shockwave Riderz, one of which is a cover of Mickey & Sylvia’s 1957 classic (you guessed it) “Dearest.” The B-side is an original track, sounding dark and hypnotic with layers of warbled guitar filth. It falls on the industrial side of the fence, coming with slimy grunge qualities as the track melts into menacing oblivion. Vocals are blown-out and frantic, like they’re rattling out from the inside of a thin metal pipe.

As promised by the label, take this 7″ for one spin on your turntable and it’ll be spittin’ grease! Start by listening below, then snag the wax from VOSR for the incredibly fair price of $4.39.

BUY the 7″ from Velocity of Sound Records – limited to 400, first 100 on black/ white splatter vinyl !
Shockwave Riderz on Facebook

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