Mystery Date – You and Your Sister 7″

mystery date you and your sister 7 pinata records 2014

MYSTERY DATE is a trio hailing from Minneapolis, MN. Their latest 7″ record You and Your Sister was just released by Piñata Records (also based in Minneapolis), bringing us three new tracks of scrappy pop-punk.

You and Your Sister appears to be the first vinyl release from Piñata Records so far this year. It’s limited to 300 pieces, coming over a year after the band’s first single for Three Dimensional Records. Somewhere in between they also dropped a self-titled cassette, all of which show of their ecstatic take on caffeinated pop-punk.

“You and Your Sister” starts off with a bubbly punch, driven by wiry lead guitars and swift percussion. Frontman Johnny Eggerman delivers his words with the utmost honesty, sounding clear and innocent over the gritty guitar blasts. “The One That You Really Want” opens with high-voltage guitars, arranged in pummeling punk fashion with rolling drums and shredded guitar jangles. Their brand of muscular pop is easy and memorable, evidenced by all three of these catchy pop-punk nuggets. Find out by listening below, then go grab the wax from Piñata Records – listeners from Japan can buy from Hyper Enough Records or SP Records!

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Punk
You and Your Sister 7″: Tracklist:
1.) You and Your Sister
2.) Lightspeed Romance
3.) The One That You Really Want

BUY the 7″ from Piñata Records – limited to 300 ! (Hyper Enough Records/ SP Records if you’re in Japan!)
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