Low Forms – Cherry Tigers 7″

low forms cherry tigers 7 big action records 2014

LOW FORMS consists of two core members, Dave Frankenfeld and Pete Biasi. Their debut 7″ Cherry Tigers was just released by Big Action Records in Minnesota, introducing a string of new 7″ singles from the band through 2014.

Based in Duluth, MN, Cherry Tigers becomes their first single for the year. The 7″ holds two brand new pop-punk bangers, housed in hand-made, screen-printed record sleeves. “Cherry Tigers” is melodic and fun, built with Biasi’s anthemic vocals over shredded guitar chord buzzes. It’s high-energy rock and roll in a nutshell, exposing us to infectious harmonies that are easily sung along to. B-side “Pendulum Swing” opens with a wave of fiery guitars, driven by crashing percussion for a bold and explosive finish. Guitars sound wiry and tightly woven, like a pent up ball of blazing pop-punk debauchery. Listen to both tracks from this smoking single right below, then grab the wax before it’s gone!

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Pop, Alternative
Cherry Tigers 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Cherry Tigers
2.) Pendulum Swing

BUY the 7″ from Big Action Records – housed in hand-screened covers !
Low Forms on Facebook

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