Black Boys on Moped – #1 CS

black boys on moped cs 2014

BLACK BOYS ON MOPED have a new cassette full of electrified rock and roll from Rennes, France. #1 comes self-released from the band and is limited to 100 pieces on yellow tapes.

Their new cassette is home to five heavy hitting tracks, loaded with high-voltage guitar crunches, crashing percussion and frantically blown-out vocals. “What About Today” opens the cassette with a thick, grainy buzz, arranged into a chugging, mid-paced guitar hook. Melodic vocals howl over the fuzz, blowing things wide open early on. “Hey Yeah!!!” exposes their gritty sound in a nutshell, led by a beam of rugged guitars. They sound rowdy and aggressive, shoving this sharp and fiery rock down your throat with a kick. Cassette closer “Buddha Airlines” brings a crushing finale, pummeling us with a slow, staggered rhythm. They effortlessly weave in the “na na” melody from the Beatles “Hey Jude,” which you definitely didn’t see coming. Now start listening below.

Genre/ Tags: Alternative, Garage Rock, Punk
#1 CS: Tracklist:
1.) What About Today
2.) Make It
3.) Fuck It
4.) Hey Yeah!!!
5.) Buddha Airlines

BUY the CS from the band on Bandcamp – limited to 100, not many left !
Black Boys on Moped on Facebook

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