Gross Pointe – s/t EP

gross pointe st ep 2014

GROSS POINTE unleashes their new self-titled EP from Chicago. It’s their second release following a split cassette on Dumpster Tapes in 2013, busting out five new tracks of rough and mean punk n’ roll.

These guys deliver punk in the toughest way possible, with pounding percussion that hits hard and loud. They deliver the knockout punch early with introductory track “Hard Luck,” quickly encapsulating rugged, riotious garage punk into a nugget of pent-up energy. “Get Lost” comes with warbled guitar textures, weaving a burning psychedelic buzz through the track. “Knockin'” comes with a particular guitar snarl, blowing the doors off the hinges with spiny guitars and rock-steady drumming. This sound is solid and muscular, coming at you like a stampede of brick walls. Hear for yourself right below – whether it’s the 50s doo-wop prom vibes in “To Know Me is to Love Me” or the ravaging “I Don’t Wanna Hang Around with You Anymore,” these guys leave a nasty bruise.

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Garage Rock, Pop
Gross Pointe EP: Tracklist:
1.) Hard Luck
2.) Get Lost
3.) Knockin’
4.) To Know Me is To Love Me
5.) I Don’t Wanna Hang Around with You Anymore

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