Ragged Barracudas – Living the Dream 7″

ragged barracudas st 7 who can you trust records 2014

Who Can You Trust? Records is dropping a handful of new releases early in 2014. Living the Dream is the debut 7″ from RAGGED BARRACUDAS, showcasing three tracks of raw and vintage blues rock action.

Living the Dream is one of three new 7″ singles from the German label, which is being released in unison with Cardinal Fuzz and At War With Noise in the UK, and Unholy Anarchy in the US. That said the 7″ is being properly spread around the globe, in hopes that this rugged blues-psych will infect as many minds as possible.

Their sound is a direct hit – it’s murky and swampy, led by dirty guitar squeals and cavernous croons. Opening track “Living the Dream” sustains a nasty psychedelic flare, giving off signs of shimmering blues and punk in pools of acid-drenched guitars. “Cheap Allure” comes with an aggressive punk snarl, charged by electrified guitar shocks that create a fuzzy complexion. Fiery guitar soloing provides the knockout punch, capping off a sound you’re better off just listening too right below. Grab the 7″ from whatever record label is in your country!

Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Punk, Blues Rock, Lo-Fi
Living the Dream 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Living the Dream
2.) Cheap Allure
3.) Motor Jam

BUY the 7″ from Who Can You Trust? – limited to 600 !
Ragged Barracudas on Facebook

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