Ranch Ghost – Turfin 7″

ranch ghost turfin 7 Requiem Pour Un Twister 2014

RANCH GHOST is a 5-piece band from Nashville, Tennessee. They have a new 7″ on Paris label Requiem Pour Un Twister, showcasing two tracks of their bluesy garage rock. It’s limited to 300 pieces with the first 100 on red vinyl.

Turfin is their third 7″ since 2012. The single leans with wobbly guitars and a bluesy swagger, sparked by a backbone of jangly psych guitars. Shrieking vocals are backed up by cavernous howls, held together by a punchy rhythm. It’s all washed over by a wave of guitar haze, sealing up two minutes of dirty, blazing blues-psych. B-side track “Pale Tail” has an evil tone, led by scratching guitars and twangy psych hooks. It trudges along with a dirgy streak, creating a menacing edge within the track that does not loosen its grip. In the end Turfin continues their solid string of singles, following their 2012 records on Cass and Jeffery Drag Records. Go grab this one before it’s too late!

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Blues Rock, Psychedelic
Turfin’ 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Turfin’
2.) Pale Tail

BUY the 7″ on Bandcamp – first 100 on red vinyl !
Ranch Ghost on Facebook

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