Energy Gown – Round House 7″

energy gown round house 7 2014

Chicago-based ENERGY GOWN just self-released a new lathe cut 7″. Round House follows up their 7″ from 2013, coming in a short edition of 50 square cuts with custom screenprinted art.

Energy Gown continue their string of self-released music with this one-track single. “Round House” is loaded with acid-drenched guitars and tribal rhythms, bringing their mesmerizing take on psych rock to life. The song is held together by loose and jangly percussion, decorated with tinny vocals that swirl together with the grainy guitar washes. Together they create a constant buzz through the track, almost like you’re being heated under the sun by a magnifying glass. That being said the trippy vibes are strong in this one, leaving you feeling dazed and brainwashed in the end. Listen below and see how you feel.

Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Space Rock, Noise Rock, Experimental

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