Sharkmuffin – 1097 EP

sharkmuffin 1097 ep 2013

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, SHARKMUFFIN dropped 1097 back in October. It’s home to four tracks of their scuzzed-up pop, loaded with sharp-edged guitars buried by crushing metallic fuzz.

“Foul Play” opens their EP with a shock, quickly exposing us to screeching guitar hooks and melodic soloing. The track is blunt and explosive, leaving their sound to fall somewhere between punk and pop. That said, it only helps confirm the description that these babes are gritty, delightfully aggressive and unapologetic. Clocking in at a minute and a half, “Quarter Machine” perfectly fits that description while adding a heavy dose of pop to their EP. “Ten Ten” follows and is a total noise-assault on the ears, sounding like an completely destructive meltdown amongst crashing drums and bloodthirsty screams. “Soft Landing” sums up 1097 with an opened-ended jam, led by bold, howling vocals and a wonky bass line. It’s easily the slowest track on the EP, resulting in a screeching guitar solo to wrap it all up.

In the end none of these songs sound anything alike, leaving us refreshed and ready for whatever the trio decides to shove down our throats next. Hear what they’re all about with these four songs streaming below.

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Punk, Pop, Lo-Fi
1097 EP: Tracklist:
1.) Foul Play
2.) Quarter Machine
3.) Ten Ten
4.) Soft Landing

DOWNLOAD the EP from the Sharkmuffin Bandcamp
Sharkmuffin on Facebook

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