Today’sHits – Sex Boys 7″ EP

today'shits sex boys 7 ep randy records 2014

Randy Records is at it again early in 2014. Opening the year with three new 7″ singles, we’re going to start with the vinyl debut from Chicago-based TODAY’SHITS.

James Swanberg is the man behind the music, who started Today’sHits with the idea of writing a brand new song every single day. Over 1000 songs and days later, he’s dropping what looks to be his first true release. Randy happily adds this to his awesomely growing list of goodness, cramming four of Swanberg’s sun-dazed garage gems into one solid EP.

On the 7″ the band delivers a beach-ready pop sound, made up of concentrated guitar twangs and surfy rhythms. High-pitched crooning and murky psych warbles wash over the mix in EP highlight “If You Wanna.” It’s lazy and dreary, almost as if you’re treading the beach on a cloudy afternoon. As for the rest of the EP the sun is shining bright, evoking a classic surf-pop sound with charming little garage nuggets like “Number 4” or “Why Can’t You.” Randy said something like it himself, but if someone writes over 1000 songs, some of them are probably going to be perfect, right? Consider the four songs on this EP Swanberg’s four best yet, and just wait until tomorrow because there’s always Today’sHits!

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Pop, Garage Rock, Surf Rock
Sex Boys 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) Why Can’t You
2.) Number 4
3.) If You Wanna
4.) Why Baby Why

BUY the 7″ from Randy Records !
Today’sHits on Tumblr
Today’sHits on Bandcamp

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