Shape Breaker/ Fuck Mountain – Gary Records Split 7″

shape breaker fuck mountain split 7 gary records 2014

Gary Records is a label based in Chicago. They specialize in international split 7″‘s and their latest release is about to be on your radar. SHAPE BREAKER (Philadelphia) and FUCK MOUNTAIN (Dublin) join forces to deliver this monster, coming limited to just 300 pieces.

Falling somewhere between fuzzy punk and invigorating garage, both of these songs are so good they’re fighting for the spotlight on this single. We’ve encountered the likes of Fuck Mountain before on their The Mountain Strikes Back CS, serving up this blown-out punk from Dublin, Ireland. “Idle Hands” is four-and-a-half minutes of pedal-to-the-metal intensity, swallowing vocals and guitar solos alike in a black hole of fuzz. Drums crash relentlessly along with the muffled vocal cues while melodic guitar screeches claw through the static.

Flipping sides to Shape Breaker, this split 7″ is their vinyl debut. The band is based right here in Philadelphia, operating as a duo consisting of Pat Hickey on guitar/vocals and Piotr Szpunar on drums. Aside from this they’ve released their Eyes Wide album in early 2013, a cassette we’ve admittedly missed out on. “Spellbound” is their half of this split, opening with an equally invigorating and buzzing lead guitar. The track is led by a garage-punk snarl, citing sharp-edged guitar hooks that are blunt and tightly wound. Pat Hickey howls over the beat with his cavernous crooning, leading us right toward a screeching solo. It adds a psych-flavored flare to the song, quickly leaving us ready for more from this surging duo.

In the end, it’s a quality 7″ held together by fuzz and the love for international splits. Go snag one from Gary Records before they’re gone for good!

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Garage Rock, Psychedelic
Split 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Shape Breaker – Spellbound
2.) Fuck Mountain – Idle Hands

BUY the 7″ from Gary Records – mixed color vinyl !
Shape Breaker on Facebook
Fuck Mountain on Facebook

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